How did this idea come to be?

The people, who will tell us how the inspiration to show Varna together with you to the world, are Neli Nedyalkova, Tencho Tonev, Dilyan Georgiev and Verginiya Neydenova from the Marketing Team.

Where did the inspiration for 1MinuteVarna come from?


Verginiya: In the beginning we were thinking about using the city as a theme for an essay – in a text or a video. We had the idea that, the architectural surroundings allow for a statue initiative. Some moments later, and to support the various ideas, we searched for Varna in search engines.


Dilyan: …And we found a lot of videos, but very few of them had positive connotations for Varna. On the web, there is a huge amount of news from the daily life of the city, more indexed are those which hold a negative content, possibly because those publications provoke more interest in people. So, we imagined that if we were to come to Varna and search for information, will we expect to be greeted by news chronicles, or will be enchanted by the welcoming message connected to a beautiful emotion, which Varna has the potential to create.


Neli: This is how the idea came to be. None of us are born in Varna, but the four of us love, work, and have been here since a long time ago. And we like it.


Tencho: In researching the outcome of similar ideas, we were inspired by everything people around the world do in order to invite the world to their town. An interesting location for us can be intriguing for someone else as well. This is exactly how we wanted to motivate the contestants in 1MinuteVarna – to show their point of view and an emotional experience for Varna.


Neli: We want the guests from abroad to have an idea of why it is worthwhile to travel exactly to Varna.


Tencho: Because we first chose the city, then the hotel.


What if you are contestants in 1MinuteVarna?


Neli: I will step out from the grey daily routine and merge myself in everything reflecting the city's emotion. For example, the old man with the accordion in the Sea Garden. I will go through all the places, which I have found with difficulty and by accident, and which today are the heart of Varna for me.


Tencho: I will film the small hidden beaches, which haven’t been tagged on social media. Which, on the other hand, reminds me of the clarification that, in the video for the contest, the contestants are allowed to leave the city limits and show places around it; however, said places must be included in its tourist map. The Petrified Forest (Pobiti Kamani) is not in Varna, but is a sight in close proximity. I will film the atmosphere and the creators of bookstores, the Boho stores, bakeries, bars, which all create a different urban life. And create taste.


Dilyan: I will focus on the small private moments of pleasure and happiness through a narration of separate key specific locations, or maybe not so key specific.


Tencho: We saw the necessity of a new and quality made video content for Varna even in the attitude of some of our guests during the years. Their plane lands at the airport, then they arrive at the hotel and have almost no expectations for Varna, because they have found information about the attractions, but have no shared experience. At the end of their vacation, they leave positively surprised, and sometimes in love with Varna. One minute is enough to fall in love, right. This means we can show them a lot.


How did you connect 1MinuteVarna to the history of the hotel?


Dilyan: Definitely, the link is hidden in one interesting fact. As a symbol of the tourism in Varna, INTERNATIONAL Hotel has been a host of the prestigious “International Festival of the Advertising Film”


Tencho: … With ten publications from 1971 to 1981.


Verginiya: And now we even discuss the idea how 1MinuteVarna could be continued as a contest with publications year after year.


A message to the contestants?


Verginiya: Enjoy yourselves!


Neli: Look at the beauty in the small details of the streets, the buildings. They are all created by the people.


Dilyan: Show the world the Varna, which you love; in which you constantly live, to which you travel as a tourist, in which you return, because you enjoy doing it.


How precious is one minute?


Dilyan: It depends on what we will use it for and what we will remember it with, and how it will change our life. A minute with a loved person brings value for a lifetime. This is what we all think about, right.


Tencho: A lot of things can go wrong and everything can turn upside down within the span of one minute. Although, in one minute we can fix everything too.


Neli: One minute is always enough for me to explain my love.


Verginiya: One second is extremely precious; now imagine how precious 60 seconds are. One minute is the opportunity to leave an unforgettable memory or to create an unforgettable expectation.

For Varna, with love and inspiration

The winners of 1MinuteVarna – the first copyrighted advertising film contest dedicated to Varna, were announced on 18 October. The competition was organised by “HOTEL INTERNATIONAL” AD, as a part of the program for celebrating the 50th business anniversary of the complex.


The video contents of the contest aims to make popular our Black Sea Capital as a tourist destination.


The organisers of the innovative initiative Dilyan Georgiev, Neli Nedyalkova, Tencho Tenev, and Verginiya Neydenova from the Marketing and Sales Team of INTERNATIONAL Hotel Casino & Tower Suites shared their impressions and plans for the contest before the Manager News.


The purpose of the 1MinuteVarna contest was to meet the foreigners with Varna in a fresh creative way. Do you think that, we as Bulgarians also have to rediscover Bulgaria?


Dilyan: The main motive of the 1MinuteVarna contest was to create something, even small, towards the resolving of a general problem in our tourism – the image of Bulgaria as a destination, and more precisely, the content generated when searching on the internet. We wanted to “flood” the internet with fresh, positive information on Varna, which will allow us to reach a large audience and thousands of potential tourists. I believe that we have reached our goal in regards to the first stage, and we proved to ourselves that, we are surrounded by people who are able to do good..


Verginiya: Many of us, even though living in the city, busy in our daily life, forget how beautiful our city is. Watching the videos, we were able to perceive the inner feeling for the city from the point of view of each and every one of the authors, we had the opportunity to see Varna from 68 different, yet always positive perspectives. This personally makes me think that we all love the places where we were born and where we live, or more precisely Bulgaria.


What did you learn from the contest and its participants?


Tencho: Firstly, there a lot more talented people among us than we believed. Moreover, it is a huge challenge to motivate so many people to work in one direction, that it is extremely exciting when someone uploads a video – all of us gathered to watch the videos. The most important thing, we found out that all this potential is latent and is waiting to be awakened.


Verginiya: The lack of initiative for the artists was shared by a big number of the contestants. Many of them shared that they lack scenes and projects for showcasing.  These types of contests would’ve assisted and inspired the youth to not give up, instead, to do what they desire.


What is the future of 1MinuteVarna? Will it transform into a regular event and do you plan to complement it with other related creative initiatives?


Neli: If the positive “wave” of 1MinuteVarna is not grasped and continued forward, this means that our efforts until now were futile. We are definitely thinking forward to stage two – make it popular.  For example, right now we are working on a theme based calendar, which will be realised very soon.


Tencho: In regards to short-term planning, our main goal is to, as much as possible, promote the videos already published on the YouTube channel of the contest. We hope that they will transform into a valuable asset for our city, which for years to come, will bring positive outcomes, and why not reach a million views. Of course, we stay with open thoughts towards future partnerships and initiatives, for which we take the time to think over.


Why is Varna and the region a perspective place for international tourism and what is the INTERNATIONAL Hotel’s place in that future?


Neli: More and more Varna is making a name for itself as one of the cities, which attracts visitors in Bulgaria not only as a summer destination for holiday. However, the challenge is to unfold the economic potential of the tourist by introducing him to high quality experiences, with enough activities to engage in day and night. At this point, I think the contribution of INTERNATIONAL Hotel is very valuable here – year-round functional 5-star complex, with a variety of experiences, events and services at its disposal.


Dilyan: Varna has a wonderful climate, a sea with a vast beach strip, green and fertile land. The region is full of natural and historical attractions. We have a developed infrastructure and a modern airport. It is full of young people, nice restaurants and possibilities for entertainment, day and night, for people of any age. The unique and relaxing atmosphere of the city is complemented by the close proximity of resorts. The main challenge of the region is related to the seasonality and the tendency of Varna to make a name for itself as much more than a beach destination. Niche segments are developing successfully, for instance, the congress, casting, golf, medical, cultural, and SPA tourism, which attract foreign tourists on the periphery of, and outside the summer season. INTERNATIONAL Hotel is one of the successful examples of a contemporary product, whose team is goal oriented towards, and works to ensure year-round business and a high standard of satisfaction for its guests and its team.


Author: Nacho Strigulev